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This Rolloff Dumpster Service Agreement between _____________ (hereafter known as Customer) and TALO with offices located at 8428 Pleasant View Dr, Lascassas, Tennessee 37085.

In consideration of renting a Rolloff Dumpster,

Customer agrees and understands that

  1. All refuse shall remain within the confines of the dumpster and shall not exceed the top or sides of the dumpster; a condition known as overfull. If TALO determines the dumpster is overfull, Customer shall be charged an additional fee of $75.00.
  2. Every attempt shall be taken to equally disperse the weight of the refuse within the dumpster.
  3. Heavy material such as rock, dirt, brick, shingles and the like will be filled to a lower level as specified by TALO. If TALO determines the dumpster is overfull, Customer shall be charged an additional fee of $75.00.
  4. Proper and necessary permits are the responsibility of the Customer. Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless TALO, its owners, employees, agents or assigns of any fines, penalties or legal expenses incurred by the Customers failure to obtain the proper and necessary permits as required by federal, state or local law.
  5. The following items are prohibited and SHALL NOT be placed into the container:
    • Hazardous Materials which are Asbestos, Batteries, Brake Fluid Cleaning Solvents, Computers and their components, Contaminated Soils, Disinfectants, Household Appliances such as but not limited to refrigerators, conventional ovens, microwave ovens, washer, dryer, and dishwashers, Driveway Sealers, Tars, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Lead, Solvent Based Adhesives, Petroleum Fuels, Insecticides, Herbicides, Mercury Containing Lamps & Equipment, Motor Oil, Oil Filters, Paint, Oven Cleaners, Polychlorinated Bi-Phynels (PCBs) Poisons, Pool Chemicals, Railroad Ties, Strippers, Thinners, Turpentine, Wood Preservatives, Finisher, and Varnish, or any other product that is expressly prohibited by federal, state or local law.
    • Medical or Infectious Waste
    • Dead Animals
    • Sludge
  6. That the Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless TALO, its owners, employees, agents or assigns of any damage which may occur to the property where the dumpster is located. All reasonable care will be taken when the box is dropped off and picked up to protect the property. TALO will not be responsible to damage to pavement markings, pavement, road surfaces, overhead obstructions, sod, lawns, landscaping and the like.
  7. Any equipment provided by TALO is done so for the convenience of the Customer. All equipment provided by TALO remains the property of TALO.
  8. Customer shall provide proper care and safekeeping of any rented equipment. Customer shall be liable for any loss or damage to rented equipment in excess of reasonable wear and tear.
  9. During the rental term, Customer is responsible for the entire contents of the container and is the rightful owner of the contents of the container until the contents are disposed of and accepted without protest by the receiving disposal facility. In the event that prohibited contents are placed into the rented dumpster; whether prohibited by this contract or by federal, state or local laws; the Customer shall be responsible for all costs, fines, penalties or any other action that is taken for such disposal. Additionally, the Customer shall be responsible for the fees for proper disposal of prohibited items. Costs may include but are not limited to cleanup, monitoring, testing, legal fees, penalties, and or any other charges arising from depositing of unauthorized items in the container.

Rental Term: 14 days from delivery date

Daily Rate: For each day exceeding the rental term in which the dumpster is kept, Customer will be charged $20.00 per day.

Payment: Payment of the Service Agreement is required before delivery and must be paid in US Dollars.

Dumpster Information
Dumpster Size: ________________ Yard
Duration of Rental: ________________ Term(s)
Rate: ________________

Customer Information:
Name: _________________________________
Business Name: _________________________________
Address: _________________________________
Telephone: _________________________________
Service Address: _________________________________
Date: ________________

Representative: _________________________________
Name: _________________________________
Date: ________________